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Plight of The Hindus in Pakistan,The Story of Rinkle Kumari

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rinkle Kumari,Pakistani Hindu girl

On the 15thof August, 1947 Indians achieved their independence from the clutches of imperialist British. However, it came with the disastrous reality of partition of their sacred homeland. Taking a cue from the Roman maxim ‘divide et impera ‘ the British rulers  let Hindu-Muslium  animosity to grow further , which had already existed  from the first Islamic invasion of India by Muhammad Qashim. Pan-Islamism grew significantly, during & after the khilafat agitation, with the British government aiding & abetting the Muslims. This religious frenzy gave birth to a separate home land for Muslims, Darul Islam but unfortunately India or Hindu hatred among the Muslim leaders of Pakistan has never died out. Before the partition, Hindus constituted 26% of the total population of Pakistan. This shrank to 15% after the horrific, bloodiest exodus of population in1947. The decline of the Hindus has been continuing till today. Hindus have been enduring the mediaeval Islamic brutalities since the inception of Pakistan. Persecution of minority Hindus is on the rise in recent times. Hindu Women are being kidnapped, raped, mutilated, forced into prostitution or sold to any harem as sex slaves. The heart rending cases of Rinkle kumari, dr. lata kumari Asha kumari etc. are some glaring examples of how inhumanly Hindus have been treated in Pakistan.

Rinkle Kumari,a 17 years old (according to her birth certificate)Pakistani Hindu girl, her name might not have heard by many in India. Her sordid & hair raising story has attracted the attention of the international media & various national governments towards the plight of Hindus in Pakistan. Rinkle kumara  was abducted at gun-point on the night of 23rd February by goons of ruling PPP’sMNA (member of national assembly) , Mian abdul haq, from her village of Mirpur Mathelo in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Mia abdul haq a.k.a Mian Mithoo, is the co-chairperson of ruling PPP & the current  Pir of Bharchundi  sharif dargah. He along with his two sons, Mia Aslam & Mia Raffique , Sayed Naved Shah, a local gangster were indicted of the inhuman treatment to Rinkle. She was taken to the Madrasa of Bhirchundi sharif where she was married to Naved Shah & converted to Islam, renemed her Faryall Bibi, forced to sign the Nikah nama. Police registered an FIR on 25th Feb after social activists and  local Hindu took to the street demanding justice for Rinkle. Rinkle’s story reveals  to what extent the radical Islamists have got a foothold  in Pakistani  politicics, judiciary, Media & people. The judgments given by the civil court, Ghotki , High court of Sind & supreme court/ Apex court of Pakistan were a mockery of Justice and basic human rights of a minority girl. A  Hindu Lady Journalist from Sindh described the situation at civil Court, Ghotki in the following words.“in the Court room the kidnapped girl Rinkle, told, while crying, about threats & harassment by gunmen to accept Islam & to marry Naveed Saha, otherwise she would be killed along with her whole family”. In spite of the repeated requests by her family members to meet her, the court never allowed them to meet her. But Mian Mithoo & his goons frequently met and threatened her in the police custody & also in the asylum where she was put for a few days. Hindus were barred from entering the court premises but the Civil Court was filled up with Mithoo’s  gunmen & supporters both inside & outside. They were screaming the Islamic war cry Allah-o-akber. Marvi Sirmed, a fearless popular lady social activist described it thus “While four family members of Rinkle Kumari were allowed in the premises and two in the Court room, thousands of Mithoo’s men chanted slogan outside the court & hundred’s were present inside the court. An open display of weapons was a clear message to the court & judges, who could not ask any of the weapon wielding Allah-O-Akber chanting beards out of the court.” She even repeatedly pleaded to the Chief justice of Pakistan that she had not eloped with Naved Saha, but she was forcibly kidnapped, married & converted to Islam. She wanted to go back to her family. According to a family friend of Rinkle Kumari “When Rinkle came in to court without letting her meet her parents, she was brought to give statement in fromt of the Chief Justice of Pakistan. She only stated that she doesn’t want to go anywhere, but her mother. Then Chief Justice of Pakistan met with Rinkle alone for about 20munits & he let her mother meet her for only 10munits. Afterwards Rinkle was crying before Chief Justice of Pakistan, she wanted to go to her parents. CJP said that, girl wants to go with her parents but there is confusion as the girl had embraced Islam & had spent married life, so how can she turnaround from her previous statement?” What she had spoken in the Supreme Court of Pakistan  in despair would let anyone cry “Pakistan me sablok ek dusre ke saath mile hue hain, yahan insaaf sirf musalman ke liye hai. Hindu ke liye koi insaaf nahin hai, mujhe yaheen court room main mar dalo, lekin Darul-Aman nahin bhejo, yeh sub lok mile hue hai yeh hamain maar dalenge.” Mian Mithoo had killed Rinkle’s grandfather in her village to threaten her. With Rinkle two other Hindu girl cases of abduction have been making headlines. One is Dr. lata Kumari, a Doctor at Aga Khan Hospital & Asha Kumari who was working at a beauty parlor in Jacobabad, Pakistan. They were both kidnapped and forcefully married to some Islamic man. Dr. Lata Kumari & Asha Kumari were both converted to Islam and Name respectively, Hifza Bibi & Haleema.

These are not isolated cases, in a report Asian human right commission warned that 20 to 25 Hindu girls were being abducted & forced to convert to Islam in Pakistan every month. Young Hindu girls are their chief target. Islamic fanatics are kidnapping Hindu girls, selling them to Harems of much older Muslim sexual perverts. Due to these brutalities many Hindu families has been seeking refuge in India. According to Foreigner Regional Registration Office, Delhi till mid 2011, there are around 8 to 10 Hindu families coming to India in a month, but in the past 10 months as estimated 400 families have come. Indian Govt. adding insult to their injury by denying refugee status to them. Many of these Hindus were also driven back to Pakistan, the Islamic hell. Our shameless, moronic,vote hankering politicians have been busy legalizing illegal Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh, while driving away these helpless Hindu from India soil. Even BJP the so called Hindu fascist party, which claims to die for Hindu cause, has also maintained a stoic silence barring some lip services in the parliament. According to the latest rumors in social networking sites Rinkle Kumari might have been killed.


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    All should come back from Pakistan

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